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Insurance Cells

CellPRO is a very relevant and cost efficient solution for MGAs, intermediaries and insurance companies that wish to create and support their customized business cases and/or take advantage of the insurance ecosystem.

CellPRO offers cell-based, segregated and managed insurance structures. Via our Protected Cell Company and digital infrastructure, we enable third-party insurance companies, managers and intermediaries to create and support their customised business cases and or take advantage of the insurance ecosystem. Our cell-based insurance structures facilitate the ring-fencing of risks, by managing them in segregated entities (cells) and enabling the sharing of economic interest. CellPRO can be used for both legacy and active portfolios, by means of fronting, incubating new risks or acting as a captive solution.

PCC Structure

Our Insurance Protected Cell Company (PCC) is a fully licensed EU risk carrier which consists of a Core that can establish a number of segregated cells. Cells are separately licensed by the local regulator, the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA). All governance and regulatory responsibilities are maintained within the Core. Cell assets and liabilities are segregated from other assets and liabilities of other cells. Business can be transferred to a cell and managed efficiently. Cells can be owned via separate cell shares which reflect ownership of the cell.

Arndt Gossmann Gossmann & CEI


Speed to entry and exit. Even though this is a separately licensed entity, a cell is much faster established compared to the process necessary when establishing a new carrier.
Governance matters need not be replicated since this is maintained at Core level, which supports all cells within the structure.
Limited scope & focused business model.
Outsourced management of the cell and the regulatory requirements to Gossmann & Cie.
Fast movement of funds
Multiple options as to the capitalization of the cell (i.e. cash, capital contribution, retrospective re-insurance).
Contract certainty for terms and conditions.
Considerable saving of management time.
Flexibility in program and platform design


Patrick Riecken
Head of Underwriting

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