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The most efficient way to operate an Insurance entity in Europe CellPro (Cell on demand) is a lean and state-of-the-art approach to run your own insurance unit. Instead of setting up and running a separate insurance company, you take advantage of a segregated insurance cell which offers all that is needed to provide the full scope of non-life insurance solutions across Europe. As the cell owner, you concentrate on the business, while our cell platform provides the required licenses and regulatory infrastructure. Compared to running a separate insurance company, this saves up to 80 per cent of the costs and 75 per cent of the time to market. CellPro is fully operational within four to five months and Gossmann & Cie. takes care of the legacy once the cell stops underwriting. Even an IT platform is available, if necessary to cover core processes from underwriting to claims handling.

Case Studies

Start-up case

A new insurance venture wants to ensure a swift market entry in one or several countries.

MGA case

An established MGA seeks to replace capacity for its highly profitable business. Instead of using a fronter, the MGA uses its own cell and leverages on its own brand and client base.

Established insurer case

An established insurance company wants to take advantage of a market opportunity, but the internal launch would take too long. It launches the new product from a cell on demand, including the use of our digital IT platform. At a later stage the main operations can take up the new business.

Run-off case

An insurance company wishes to exit from a run-off-book. The seller can use a cell to ringfence and to deconsolidate the portfolio, while transferring the economic ownership at a later stage. Alternatively, the acquirer of the portfolio uses a cell as a highly efficient vehicle for the run-off.

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