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Run-off as a Service

The efficient, proper and reputable servicing of a run-off portfolio is a critical component of the legacy industry and requires special characteristics. For that purpose, Gossmann & Cie. introduced a new product line called “Run-off as a Service” (ROaaS) which entails:

Preparation of a portfolio for run-off/ externalisation:

Outsourcing/ management of reinsurance.
Optional placement in a segregated SPV (cell) allowing for deconsolidation and capital relief.
Lower set-up cost and claims management cost compared to an in-house management.

A digitally driven claims handling system:

Quick onboarding of the data with an accelerated data migration.
Innovative digital contract technology to automatise key processes and provide new insights.
Easy onboarding of external TPAs.

Behavioural focus and full transparency on the claims handling:

Real-time reporting on claims handling progression and portfolio performance via dashboards.
Visibility on key issues (e.g. court cases, fraud, etc.) and data patterns from legacy books.
Specialised training on behavioural approach towards claimants via trained coaches.
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